Sunday, October 8, 2017

Call/Cry - Fourth of the Seven Cs

CALL and CRY are used interchangeably in Scriptures. It is a passionate request for God’s help in difficult situations. CRYING and CALLING out to God are always connected to a promise from Him. It is the means by which we appropriate the promise from God. CALLING or CRYING usually implies “pleading” before a court or throne of a ruler in order to remind them of a law or a covenant (Jer. 14:12, 20-21).

Note the divine GUARANTEE of an answer when you CALL or CRY out to God. Here we see that God answers prayer and His answer is always with a YES when it is connected to a promise (2 Cor. 1:19-20). Some claim that God's answers to prayer are "Sometimes 'yes,' sometimes 'no,' and sometimes 'wait'." However, while this sounds comforting to some, the BIBLICAL truth is that God always answers with YES when we cry out to Him, pleading His promises. When God answers, He answers with the thing that He promised to give or do.

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