Friday, November 10, 2017

Adjusting Scripture for Calvinists on Sin

Calvinists have consistently taught that nothing happens in this world apart from God decreeing and ordaining it. Every murder, rape (including those of children), accident, tragedy, sickness, and perversion is somehow a part of some "secret" will of God. This twisted ideology presents a deity worse than Satan. While it claims to get its support from the Bible, Calvinism TWISTS the Scriptures that it misquotes for its support and complete ignores or reinterprets others to fit their presentation of their monstrous deity whom they claim is the God of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore, we thought that we would help them out by reinterpreting those uncomfortable passages of Scripture that refute their false teachings so that they can feel they have some Biblical support for the lies they spread that destroys the faith of some Christians, makes others fatalistic, and turns men into atheists.

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