Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Permissive Sense - *New Book*

The Permissive Sense
Hints and Helps to Bible Interpretation that Vindicates God’s Character of Love

One does not have to read too far into the Bible to find that it says the following about Him:

God hardened people’s hearts.

God put lying spirits in the mouth of false prophets.

God personally deceived prophets.

God Blinded people to the truth.

God inflicted sickness.

God sent natural disasters.

God moved people to sin.

God tempted men.

God intentionally gave men unrighteous laws.

God created evil.

And even more….

Such statements have presented insurmountable difficulties to Bible readers. Failure to understand them properly have led to doctrines that paint God in less than a favorable light. However, when we understand the permissive sense, most difficulties with such verses will disappear. This book will help you understand this important principle and will remove all doubt about God’s love, goodness, and holiness.


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