Thursday, May 27, 2021

Ministry and Warfare by Albert B. Simpson

 Some tough words for those of us in ministry by the late Albert B. Simpson, founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church:

"If you have not won your personal victory, you will not be of much use in trying to help others. You will find in every Christian effort you make that you will be opposed not only by the indifference, willfulness and folly of men and women, but that Satan will do everything in his power to discourage and defeat you.

"This is the very first thing the Christian worker must learn, that we wrestle with principalities and powers and all the hosts of hell. If you allow yourself to be discouraged by difficulties, the Lord can never make much use of you. If you expect to serve God only when everything goes nicely and the people are like angels, you had better ask the Lord to take you to heaven at once."
Simpson, Albert B. The Christ in the Bible Commentary, Volume 4 (Camp Hill, PA: Christian Publications, 1993), p. 191


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