Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Speak God's protection over your life.

God’s Promises for Protection

“You must worship me, Yahweh your Almighty. If you do that, I will bless your food and water, and I will protect you from becoming sick.”
(Ex. 23:25; Unlocked Dynamic Version)

“And Yahweh will protect you from all illnesses. He will not make you to be sick with any of the dreadful diseases that our ancestors knew about in Egypt, but he will make all your enemies sick with them.”
(Deut. 7:15; Unlocked Dynamic Version)

“He will shield you as a bird protects her young under her wings. You will be safe in his care. His faithfully doing what he has promised is like a shield that will protect you. ….You will not be afraid of plagues that demons cause when they attack people at night or of other evil forces that kill people at midday. Even if a thousand people fall dead alongside you, even if ten thousand people are dying around you, you will not be harmed. Look and see that wicked people are being punished! Yahweh protects me; trust God Almighty to shelter you, too. If you do, nothing evil will happen to you; no plague will come near your house”
(Ps. 91:4, 6-10; Unlocked Dynamic Bible)

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