Thursday, March 26, 2020

"The Lord 'SENT' It" Free Book Offer

There are a number of people proclaiming that the current "Corona Virus" (Chinese virus, COVID-19, etc.) is a "God sent" pestilence. IN light of this I would like to inform some and remind others that we have a teaching in both book and video form titled "The Lord SENT It: Understanding what the Bible Means when it says that God sent sickness, disaster, evil spirits, deception, etc." Here are links to the FREE downloadable book in various electronic formats: (.pdf only) (.pdf only) (epub only) (.pdf, Kindle, epub, text)

You can also get it in iBooks format (Apple bookstore), Nook format (Barnes and Nobles) and Kobo format, all absolutely free. If you prefer a paperback or regular Kindle format directly from (this will cost you some money) then the links are below: (Paperback) ( Kindle)

The video teaching is in six parts. I will post the links to the first video and then the one that specifically deals with sickness or pestilence:

I truly recommend that you read or listen to our teachings on this subject so that you can understand that God is not the author of any sickness or virus. From our material you will understand those Bible passages that appear to say that God sent these things and see that the passages are often misinterpreted.

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