Saturday, November 16, 2019

He Only Permits, P. 147

Because of the challenges that we get from those who do not bother to read our books or listen to our teachings but only want to debate over our social media memes:

This meme is a brief explanation from one of my books explaining the Bible's teaching on what we call the "permissive sense." It is certainly not the Calvinist idea that softens their false predestination teachings nor is it just another (nicer) way of saying that God was the cause of something terrible.

"Permission" is God granting the freedom to His creatures to work with Him in creating their future and His invitation to partner with Him in determining their circumstances. It is also the sad non-compulsive way in which He will cooperate with our desire to keep Him from working in our lives if we do not want Him (See Psalm 81:7-16; Job 21:14 and many others).

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